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Saddie Benning

Born Madison, Wisconsin,1973.


“It wasn’t love” A black and white video of 20 minutes which Benning used as a confession. On her fifteen birthday Sadie Benning received a Fisher Price PXL-2000 camera as a Christmas gift from her father. The camera basically is conceived for a childhood use.

Benning made a video in her room showing the most personal details and revelled her biggest fears.  

The narration is mixed with the images she present. She speaks about love, freedom and the feeling of live in a homophobic society when she was experimenting

Self affirmation we will say is the video about, Saddie wants to affirm herself at such a young age, by asking herself “Who I am”.  According to Benning, “The most revolutionary thing is to just love yourself and love what you do. You can’t do anything more than that”.

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