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Francesca Woodman

Woodman moves to New York in 1979 to follow her dream of become a Fashion photographer. Most of her work has undoubtedly a fashion influence, the intention of the clothes and certain objects reveal her passion for fashion. 

Besides fashion, the second component in her photographies is the influence of  surrealism in them.  The composition of the photographs with the use of shells and random objects created an environment similar in all the surrealistic painters in the XXI century: unconsciousness, dream, and human existence. 

Before her young death Woodman left around 800 photographies. The most important is the relevance of her work and how still nowadays Woodman is inspiration for other artist. 


In terms of feminist art, Woodman's work was most of the time around her body. The aesthetic of  the different postures of a female body, in relation with the environment made her part of our list of feminism art. Many of the pictures pretended to camouflage the female body with the walls, we love this picture:  Woodman holds what it seems an skeleton with all the fish spines. Her body fuses with the structure, her vertebral column is the fishes. 

3 April 1958, Denver, Colorado.


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Photographer: George Woodman


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