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Alice Aycock

Born Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1946.

 Sculpture and Installation
Aycock is well-known for her big scale installations in which the relation between the spectator and her work are the base of her analysis. Main purpose is the female cycles and body.
Her most famous installation is title Maze: a labyrinth with “32 feet in diameter and 6 foot high concentric wooden rings”   that made the participants get lost inside the installation.  Based on an idea of the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, Aycock compare her installation with the feeling of love and relationships were the individual stays disorientated. Regards feminism her installation a simple Network of underground simulates the feminine cycles   and the cultural association of woman and earth. Six tunnels   were constructed but only in three of them was possible to enter through the wooden stairs. Aycock wanted to underline the conscious between the body and the physical space

The Maze, 1972

12-sided wooden structure of 5 concentric dodecagonal rings, broken by 19 points of entry and 17 barriers

32’ diameter x 6’ high

Originally sited at Gibney Farm near New Kingston, Pennsylvania

Photo: Silver Spring Township Police Department, Mechanicsburg, PA (aerial)

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