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Judy Bamber

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In her work “My little fly, my little butterfly Bamber presents two small paints (hyper realistic style. One of them is covered with flies, the other one with butterflies.
With this work the artist propose to review the way that female genitals are perceived.

The first image traduces the disgust, the aversion to the female genitals that a woman faces and the second one with the symbology from a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, Bamber represent the metamorphosis of beauty. 

Based on the feminism theories, Bamber reproduce feminism issues as: sexuality, gender and specifically the cultural treatment towards the women body.

Certainly our favourite work is Are you my mother? Made and presented during 2005-2014. Bamber selected Polaroid pictures of her mother (taken few years before for her father) ant modified them making them look as small paints. The artist opened a debate of the role of maternity. With this artwork Bamber question if the sexuality is castrated when maternity begins.


Mom with Balloons, Mom with Balloons, 2005, Graphite on paper,18.87 x 14.5 in

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Untitled #2, 1994, oil on panel, 6.5×1.75 in. Picture taken from:

Born Detroit, Michigan,1961.       

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