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Without any doubt Judy Chicago is one of the most important artist in the genesis of the Feminist art.

Judith Sylvia Cohen was born in 1939, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 1970’s when Chicago started her artistic career. Chicago legacy for the feminist art it has an incomparable magnitude. The first contribution was determine Feminist art as a new division of Art. Later on Chicago was the first woman creating a University program denominated “Feminist Art” 

First known as Cohen, then Gerowitz (the last name of her first husband who died in 1963 in a car crash) and finally Chicago because of the association of her strong personality and the strong Chicago accent.

In the earlier 60’s Chicago dedicate her art to experiment with her sexuality, most of her works were a representation of the sexual organs.  It’s important to state that at this time Chicago work was   permeate with her husband lost. 

Study for Pasadena Lifesavers 1968, Dinner Party 1977 , and WomanHouse 1972 are the principal and most relevant pieces. However Chicago legacy is mainly in the radical change in the educational system.


In the earlier 70’s, Chicago was the first woman teaching Art class in public University in the state of California: Fresno State College. This was the first feminist art program in the United States. Started in the spring of 1971 with 15 students. The study group was so consolidated that at some point this women decided to rent an art studio and used with the mere purpose of share their personal experience, discussed readings and cooperate in a change for art.

Picture taken from : Judy Chicago Art education Collection 

Judy Chicago 

Judy Chicago's Work

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