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Betsy Damon

Born 1940 

Damon joined the feminist movement in 1970. In 1976 Damon did her masterpiece title: The 7000 Year Old Woman. “I performed the 7000 Year Old Woman, a gritty street performance piece, in 1976. I was in the first lesbian art show at the Green Street Gallery.” Extract from interview with Bloom

She worked next to another feminist artist as Miriam Schapiro, Nancy Spero and Joyce Kozloff


Her performance consisted in carry 420 flour bags painted in red and start walking in an spiral over the street while the bags were cut. At the end the bags were on the floor and she became a sculpture.

Betsy Damon is known as an ecological artist and the performance 7000 year Old woman was related with the mother earth and the first sacred tree.

“Damon Played the clown, the whore, an ancient fertility goodness or a beautiful woman in art spaces around the country, often unannounced and unprotected on city streets. At the end she was convinced that at some point in history all the women were connected with their own strength that the ideas of mother, woman, lesbian, witch didn’t existed”  Extract.

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