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Women & Art 



Chinese feminist movements are scarce. As a consequence of the Chinese political system, the information we can have about the real problems of women in China is uncertain. Here we will try to unveil those Chinese artist that are raising their voice. 



The four Asian tigers, one of them: South Korea. In a decade South Korea managed to transform their economy and compete with First World Countries. It is surprising what economically and socially the country has achieved. However, in terms of women's rights, South Korea lags behind. Issues such as traditional patriarchal practices lead to be the developed country with the biggest gender pay gap. Here you will find the South Korean artists that expose the social problem. 


United States 

From the 60's, the United States was a pioneer in several disciplines, from a competitive race in technology and nuclear power in the cold war, to a highly universal recognition in different cultural spheres as: literature, music, cinematography and nevertheless art. We divided the feminist artist, the pioneers in the 60' and the more recent work.  

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