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Feminist Art USA


Relationship between 
the body and sexuality

Our body is our spaceship in this world. With our senses we perceive and transmit. Is the border between the external world and our internal one. They are entwine. If female history has been plague of taboos, conditioning, norms, rejection, wouldn't be possible that it is necessary to restore that communication?  

Joan Semmel.jpg

Woman Identity
white feminism 

White feminism could be the pioneer in terms of the genesis of feminist art. White heterosexual women were the first ones raising their voices. However, we believe every feminism talks about what happen to us as women. Therefore there is not reason to cataloge it.  



Perhaps one of the most relevant topic to be address. Since always women have been told how to look, dress, behave, how much to weight, skin colour and so on. These artist approached these issues. Sometimes with vulnerability but for sure with a feeling of discontent. 

Renee Green.jpg

Black Feminism

Roxanne Gay is one of my favourite writers. She helped me see through her books the contradictions in our culture when we address matters about the black community. Even with simple examples as the film Django from Quentin Tarantino or the book The Help. These artist do not create a cartoon about these problematics. Their intention is pure and far from a capitalistic profit.

Laurie Anderson 3.png

Sexual Abuse

It is quite hard to approach this topic. In many ways every woman has been always expose to suffer the sexual abuse. Regardless of the situation all of them are incredibly painful. These artist have been brave enough to put in art what can harm us the most. 

Coco Fusco.jpeg

Death and Women

In french " Le petit mort" refers to the orgasm and the translation it means " The small death" 

Does death, the supreme equalitarian moment of our humanity has a difference in gender too? Perhaps no, but these work try to explore the relation of death and women.

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