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Ida Applebroog

Born New York, 1929

Applebroog's work embrace the concept of power. From the power in relationships and the gender roles to domestic violence. 
Born in a jewish ultra-orthodox family, Applebroog's art didn't started in her early years. She studied graphic design at the NY State Institute of Applied Arts Science. After quitting her job in an advertising agency she moved to work as a freelancer, illustrating children's book. Hower Applebroog art had it to wait a little bit longer. First moved to Chicago, relocated due to her husbands job and then later again moved to California. After a being hospitalizad for depression, she started creating.  Sculpture, sketches of her naked body. 
In 1974, in New York her paints and book illustrations became unique.  Stories in vignettes cartoon that approched topics as identity, violence, loneliness, love and daily life. Her work is not only political but also touches the fiber of our humanity and what it means to exist. 

Applebroog's art

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