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Pixy Liao

Yijun Liao

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Born 1979. Shanghai, China

"Experimental relations" is the longest and deepest work of Pixy Liao. The photo project has been going for 13 years and it still continues.


Born and raise in Shanghai Pixy Liao surprise us with the playfulness with the gender stereotypes. Her boyfriend More, Japanese, and their relationship is the core of the project. In a few interviews Liao has relate how is the photo shooting process and the symbolism of More clicking the shutter, in her words "It’s almost like in a relationship where sometimes you think the person who's in control is actually being controlled by the other person or vice versa".


The beauty of her work is the organic feeling that Liao transmit. The change of a couple's dynamic through time. Even tho Pixy Liao has openly said that her work doesn't have a feminist purpose, we include her in our list because of the way she flows with female and masculine energy, breaking the stereotypes of what a woman or a man should be. 


Currently she is working in a project about the Asian Female leaders. We hope to see her extraordinary work soon.

Other works: For your eyes only, "Your Gaze Belongs to Me", 

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SL: One of the features of your photographs that immediately struck me was that you almost always see either you or Moro clicking the shutter in the image. So it's made very clear to the viewer that you two are the ones photographing yourselves and that you are in control and that this has been a shot that has been set up. I was wondering how you would describe your and Moro’s relationship to the audience and the viewer. Is your relationship to the audience different from Moro’s relationship to the audience, and in what ways?**

PL: I think the shutter release started from the very beginning because I was shooting with a film camera, and there's really no way to take the picture ourselves except for using the extension cable. And in the very beginning, it was because the cable release is so hard to squeeze, I just couldn't take the picture. Like my facial expression would be off if I had to take the pictures, so I always gave it to him. And we have a very early photo of when I was pinching his nipple, and he's taking the picture, and we're both standing in front of the camera. 

Interview taken from:

Experimental Relationship (2007- Now)

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