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Trying to take a mouthful of breath in this ocean of men. I was there, in the center of Tokyo, in a pub surrounded by men.


“The smoke gave me a feeling of war. The painting the victim. But whom was the painting representing? My father? All men? Short men? Tall men?  Stout men? Or the fat ones? Was it my brother John? Or was representing myself?”


Pixy Liao : Relationships

" I just have to be there and just wait for the moment. And I think in that period of time he actually has a lot of control in the photograph , which is very interesting to me. I have control, but at the same time he has control.It's almost like in a relationship where sometimes you think the person who's in control is actually being controlled by the other person o vice versa".  

Extract from The Harvard Advocate interview with Sabrina Li

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