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Luo Yang 罗洋

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, at first glance one might think that Yang's purpose is to rebel and shout out what patriarchy has done with us. However this will be misleading her work. 

Currently living and working as a photograph freelancer Luo Yang's biggest work GIRLS talk about the fragility, confusion, contradiction inside of her and all the other women she has used for her project. 

As she clearly states in her website "GIRLS are bad-assed and self-aware, yet insecure, vulnerable and torn, with a supreme sense of cool. Underlying tensions and ambivalent emotions animate Luo’s images, which, above all, testify to the GIRLS’ individuality. They thus reflect a shifting mindset with regard to concepts of femininity and identity in present-day China". 

Despite of her purpose one can't stop relating her work with the Chinese gender stereotypes of how women should behave and be ( long hair, soft, non political, married). Her work shows the intensity of emotions living in a human being and more specifically a woman, her works end up being political and question us if maybe that intensity and contradiction inside of us, has anything to do with the social system that we live in. 

Extract taken from : Luo Yang website 


Pictures taken from Luo Yang Instagram

IG: luoyangggg

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